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4:30 mi

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So much fun. Pretty much just chaos off the line, with almost 100 dudes going as fast as they can down a pretty steep first quarter. It's pretty much just trying to keep your legs under you to keep from falling down.

Approaching the first split, heard "7, 8, 9..." and was sort of waiting to hear 1:10, but instead heard "60". OMG. Funny stuff. But it really didn't feel like 60, or too fast. It's just a crazy ass hill.

Didn't really "race" anyone, as I was pretty tunnel vision the whole time. Don't think I was passed after the half, and pretty sure I passed a bunch of people on the last quarter.

Splits as I remember 'em...60, 2:10, 3:23. So 60,70,73,67 - not unreasonable given the course.

Of course, it was great to warm up and down and hang out with a cold beer with mikey for the race. Too bad I had to bail for Gilly's softball after the beer - looks like I might have missed out on more beer for AG award. Damn.

That was fun.