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5:42 mi

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During warmup I wasn't sure I was even going to "race"...everything was still really icy, especially a big part after mile 2. But, the sun came out just long enough to make things safe, and it was a go.

Saw that Will Sanders was there (and the whole Sound Runners crew), so definitely a faster field. Brian Nelson and Tim M too - very good lead pack of strong runners. I like that things are getting a little more competitive at the USATF CT races. Good development.

Lined up 2 rows back and let the first mile develop. Quick pack of 10 up front, then little chase pack of 5 or so, then me just behind that. I wanted to stay with the chase pack, but I also knew to run my own race, and that last year they all came back, and they probably would this year (except Spryos - that dude is crazy).

Mile 1: 5:21 (all splits based on volunteer callouts). Fastest mile - it's all down hill and straight and sets up the rest of the race.

Mile 2: 11:00 (a lot of turns and a bit more uphill). Things spread out here, and ended up running with 2 other guys, just trading places back and forth for 2 more miles.

Mile 3: 16:54 (gradual uphill the whole way). Slowing a bit. But starting to reel some people in too. The big hill at mile 4 is coming...

Mile 4: 23:42 (biggest longest hill of the race, kind of a pain in the ass). Dropped a lot and picked up a lot of place here though. From mile 4 marker on, would be neck and neck with bib 1088.

Mile 5: 28.25.88 - strong sprint finish with about a quarter to go, put a few seconds on 1088. Solid race overall. My foot really started to act up around 3.5, could feel the PF flare like crazy. As soon as I crossed the line I started to limp. It hurts right now, but will be okay in a day or two I reckon. Would have been nice to PR (missed by 5 seconds), but still for how I'm feeling, I'll take this. 14th overall, 3rd age group (30-39 - Tim M and Brian Nelson up front for 30's).



Good work! I was there too - finished in 29:01 (not quite myself yet, recovering from hamstring injury).

Ntown Kevin

Thanks. I like this race a lot, even though the course isn't super easy and the weather is always crappy. This year's field was really good too.

Good luck healing up - still a good time for a bum leg - I'm afraid my effort here wrecked me a little (ankle impingement, but should be back on the roads/treadmill next week).

Get healthy for when this weather finally turns...