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3.1 mi


5:59 mi

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Very likely this course is a bit long - by the map it's about 3.1, but a lot of the route is on the winding cart paths, so hard to map that. Anyway, it was a super fun course. About as many hilly up and downs as you can pack on a 3 mile run. Plus some parts through the woods. Only complaint was that we had to run the path on 18, and couldn't just jam up the last fairway.

Race started out on the road. Really small affair, maybe 100. A lot of JV crossers (9th and 10th graders) and their parents. With the foot the way it's been, and not having done any speed work (or any work) in the last 3 weeks, I decided I'd run a "smart" instead of "fast" race. So I let these two kids take it out and kind of just hung on them for the first "mile" (which the volunteer called as 5:20, but either he was wrong or that wasn't a mile, no way we were rocking that fast). That's when the little freshman kid dropped. About a quarter mile after that, first really steep hill. That's when the sophmore kid dropped. From there, I pretty much knew I had it won, and more or less just maintained enough to win by about 30 or 40 seconds I think.

There was a cool quarter mile long wood foot bridge that was neat. The last mile was all uphill and not so fun, especially since they made us stick to the path. And kind of a crazy route around the clubhouse to finish. They had a little tape for me to break, which was nice. Slow for a win, but a win is still a win, and nice when it can happen.