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5 km


5:25 mi

Race Result

4 / 347 (1.2%)
1 / 21 (4.8%)


Well, damn. Spent most of last night on the stoopid toilet, crapping my guts out. By the time morning came around, I didn't really feel "sick", I just felt off. A little tired, and definitely dehydrated (calf cramp right before I woke up didn't help).

Today would have been a good day to wear a watch. I was so off I didn't really dial in how fast / slow I was going. I was just going, and couldn't "feel" anything. And no split calls at 1 or 2. Mostly, mentally, I figured I was way out of it. 3rd place passed me at 2, and I kind of packed it in from there. Really a shame. If I had held together even a little, and cranked it more on mile 3, that's a certain PR. Damn.

Made the final turn, saw the clock and was shocked. Gave what I had to get under, but just couldn't. 1 second slower than 2 weeks ago.

I really feel like I was primed for a good one today. F'in shame I got this stomach bug. At least it didn't act up on me during the race. Alli begged me not to run today (we LIVE here!). Worked out though.

4th overall. 1st AG. At least I got to see Hoyt and his buddy run decently well. Knew right away who they were with their matching black nike miler kits - that looked pretty cool by the way. Shouldn't have gotten passed by that third kid though. F. Oh well. For the conditions, the sickeness or whatever, this was a "good" run. Not a great one though.