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5 km


5:30 mi


20 F

Race Result

2 / 84 (2.4%)


Whoa. Definitely happy with that. 20f but no wind, so weather was good. Roads were abysmal though - start/finish was an inch and half of brown/gray slush - same for about a mile in the middle. Had to dodge traffic at some parts too.

Race was a bit of a time trial. Winner was floating easy. 23 year old kid (MTA: Braden Becker - turns out he was a star at DHS, then ran at Syracuse - 15:20 at Moonlight last year...nice). Beat me by 1:10. Third place was even farther behind me. So this was a mental challenge. I ran with no watch, and there were no mile splits or clocks (and actually with the sun, couldn't even see the finish clock as I approached it) So total run by effort/feel. Worked out pretty well I think. I was a little gassed after the turnaround and there's a slight uphill. After I crested that got composed. Was able to let it rip at Liberty street as I planned.

Anyway, to be this close to 17 mins this early on is a good sign. Can't wait for the next one.

17:04, 2OA.



Sounds like you had sub 17 if wasnt for the roads. Congrats, this is killer.

Ntown Kevin

Thanks, man. Just happy to have made good progress.