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5 km


5:45 mi


58 F

Race Result

5 / 599 (0.8%)
1 / 38 (2.6%)
1 / 38 (2.6%)


Felt awesome, everything went to plan, and was blessed with awesome weather.

Mile 1: 5:30

Mile 2: 5:50

Mile 3: 6:00

Last bit: 31 secs.

Based on the course, that's a decently well paced race. Downhill first mile, rolling second, Purdey Hill on mile 3, then downhill to finish.

Hit 4k at 14:24 exactly, which was what I knew I needed to have 18 mins wrapped up. Huge confidence boost at the top of that hill, and brought it in nicely. Based on massive kick at the end (all downhill), maybe I had more in me. Didn't feel stressed at all during the race, just a slightly uncomfortable uptempo pace. George Buchanan to pace off of was nice too, and was good to outlast him at end.

Actually, coming in 1k at 3:20, and feeling as good as I did was a confidence builder right from the start. From that point I never doubted I could break 18, which was a good feeling.