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5 mi


5:41 mi

Race Result

6 / 715 (0.8%)


Solid race. 6OA. Ran a good part of this stride for stride with Joe Lemay (there should be some good pics of this coming out later). He's a pretty heavy breather. Anyway, he left me far behind before mile 4 and ended up 15 - 20 seconds in front of me in 5th place.

Good pacing. 5:40 opener. 11:30 at 2. 22:50 at 4. 28:20 finish (so a solid 5:30 close, nice). Felt pretty sick going into this, so happy I put together a decent race.

MTA: officially 28:22

MTAA: Considering the resumes of the 5 dudes who finished in front of me...damn, I should be pretty happy:

Abiyot Endale - winner of Hartford Marathon (2:15)

Amos Sang - 1:03 half PR

Kent Lemme and Mark Hixon - masters all stars

Joe Lemay - 10000m trials winner, 2:13 marathon PR