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5 km


5:23 mi

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Woot! PR. 1OA.

This course is made for PR's. Dead flat. Maybe it was a little windy (10mph) coming off the ocean. But man, that was fun. Lead from the beginning. Heard Lenny A. behind me for the first two miles. Then heard him capitulate with a grunt at mile 2. According to him, 5:35, 5:25 (and I was a second or so in front).

Great to finish on the warning track of the Harbor Yard field. Really neat. Lead bike asked me how I felt around mile 2.5. I gave him the death stare and said "Terrible". He relayed the story at awards, got a good laugh anyway.

So, that's three wins in a row now. Weird. Sandy Hook 5k, Kingston Classic 10K, and this. Pushing 40, everything hurts, but I can still squeeze something good out, so I'll keep at this thing.



Smoking. Way to crush it .