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4:57 mi

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Super low-key meet. Not very well attended (probably a mix of Run for the Refugees that morning and it being superbowl afternoon and usatf-ct track meets are NEVER well attended). Good enough group to run with though. Russel Stevens had run every event so far, so he was worn down enough to not be super-crazy ahead, just far enough ahead to provide something to chase.

I think my race boiled down to inexperience. I was all over the place. Crazy fast first 209 (would have been 34, but I saw it was going to be 34 and slammed on the breaks to come across about 36). Then 1:14 (which was good, where I wanted it to be), then 2:30 - at that point I was between convincing myself this was okay and this was too slow. Then 3:08 - at this point I figured I was way to slow, and tried to pick it up a little. Don't remember any other splits, but my final 200 was ridiculous, probably dropped a 32. As Nic said afterwards "if you had a little more confidence in your run, you probably could have taken 3 seconds off that time". I agree. I had way too much juice at the end there. Really needed to push the pace more. And I think if I ran indoors more, or more track miles, I would get it. Just haven't been out there enough to have a good feel.

Still happy with the time, no doubt. And always happy to blow the doors off high school kids in the last lap. I mean, that was fun. Anything sub-5 at this age I think is pretty good. I'm sure I can run faster than that though. Just not sure when/if I'll have another shot at it this season.

Onward to grand prix races...