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5 km


5:29 mi

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Not my best day. Not that I expected it to be. Sick all week, felt like I was dragging a boat anchor from my head. And conditions were a little rough - temps and wind both in teens. But failed on a lot fronts...

First mile was okay. As usual at this one there's a lot of jockeying and jostling and weaving to the first corner, and even through the first half mile. It's just a really crowded start. But still got through 1 in 5:26, mostly into the wind.

If we believe the 2 mile split caller (and I do) it was mile 2 that was my undoing. 11:02-3, so 5:36-7. Ugly. Kind of embarrassed the system into picking things up a bit.

17:01 unofficial gun means probably back to 5:25 or better for 3rd mile. Real story was though I was trying to close the gap on Murray (he switched clubs and I really didn't want to lose to him). We went through 1 together, but by 2 he probably held pace and was a good 10-13 seconds in front. By the time we turned on York for the finish it was down to a 20m lead. I gave it all I had but he felt it coming too - we crossed together, but I guess he out leaned me - same 17:01 unofficial but with him at 23 and me at 24 (and 2,3 in AG).

Oh well, next time...

Was good to see everyone again.

Mta: net time 17:00, 24OA, 3AG, 5th masters