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3.3 mi


5:39 mi

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Now I know why I hate this stoopid course. It's definitely long. Confirmed by the Kenyan dudes (who were really nice) who finished 2-3. "The third mile man, it keep going and going, and I say, when is it over?"

Went out in 5:20 (downhill, makes sense). Mile 2 in 5:50 (two hills, also makes sense). Then the last mile and a bit doesn't make any sense for the pace I know I was going. It weren't no stinkin' 7:10 1.1 miles. Whatever. Shouldn't make excuses I suppose. Still 7 overall and 1 AG. So, I'll chalk it up to another race, another day. And only run USATF certified courses if I care about "real" PRs.

ps. this blows.

pps. Will Sanders winning in 16:16?! Yeah, this was long (guy hasn't run over 15:15 ever).



Bonus miles! Think of it as added value. Divide the race fee by miles and you actually got more for your money. Nice job.

Ntown Kevin

Ha. Thanks. Yeah, guess I'd be more peeved if it were short.

I'm supposed to be "marathon training" right now anyway...not sure why I'm messin around with these 5ks (other than that they're fun).