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13.1 mi


5:59 mi


Good race. Obvious from mile 1 that I was going to be in second place - just that kind of race. I got suckered into going a little faster than I wanted to on the flat first 4 with the leader (19 year old college dude, redshirting this year, his first half marathon). Then we hit the hills and he took off. I saw him the whole race, but could never close the gap (it just got wider and wider). He finished a minute ahead.

I felt really good on this, even the gimpy leg held up well, no issues there. The only issue was around mile 8 I could feel potential calf cramp in left leg. Fought it off from then until the end. I felt strong otherwise, and probably could have pushed more, but i kept having to slow down, and find out where the line was that I could go without it totally seizing.

No splits, except on mile 1 someone called out 6:10, which felt about right. College kid didn't have a watch either, and no splits on the course. Good thing, I was told the mile markers were a little all over the place.

Anyway, this is a better result than expected, and I'm damn pleased. Something like a 6 minute PR. I'll take it.

4 weeks to beantown.

MTA: 1:18:19 official