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5 km


5:27 mi

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Another awesome xc race. So much fun.

Perfect conditions tonight, dew point finally cracked last night, and temps were just above 70, dp probably 55 or something. Really the only annoying thing was the deer flies and mosquitoes.

Everyone starts together, and a bunch of the kids were doing the 3k for some reason, which doesn't split off until the hill. So wasn't until the hill that I knew where I stood exactly. But position really didn't change much.

Winning kid got out fast right from the start, stayed 10 seconds ahead of me, and just kept that gap the whole race. I couldn't close on him at all. He kept looking back starting about mile 2, so he was a little nervous I guess (and he said as much afterwards "you had me worried" - I told him I was old and was nothing to worry about).

Riley, a newtown kid, ran in third. He stuck with me until the downhill where I buried him, and kept putting more distance on him the rest of the way. I think he ended up about 20 seconds back.

New xc flats were nice. I took out the spikes and put in blanks, because the road, even though it was dirt, was so hard packed and had big stones, and there was a stretch around the 1k mark with about 200 meters of pavement. They were super light though, and felt great to run in.

So, overall 2nd place. 4 seconds faster than last year. I'll take it.