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10 km


5:43 mi

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Wire to wire win on an absolutely perfect day.

Got out super quick on the dead flat first mile through old town - 5:27. That was the only split of the day. I definitely felt myself slowly slow after the turnaround at 3.6. Basically kept about a 100 to 200m lead for the whole thing. Kind of felt the pressure the whole way. Got to 5 miles and thought...damn it would be nice to step off the course right now. But, sure glad I didn't.

10Ks are rough business. Just like a grinding 5k that won't stop. Too short to ease up though, you need to keep the pedal down. I tried, and I know I gave up some seconds on the back half. Still, a thrill to win, especially with the family there again today (got good high fives from both Kyle and Gilly at mile 1), and they were right there at the finish line.

Good day.


Post race interview on youtube. Embarrassingly cliche.

MTA: highly likely they screwed up the timing - but there was no finish clock, and I don't wear a watch, so I'll have to accept the official time (though evidence points to about 10 or so seconds faster than this).