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5 km


5:42 mi

Race Result

5 / 657 (0.8%)

Notes's a PR. 4 seconds, but still a PR. And, really, not too bad for this course. Not the 17:30 I wanted though.

It's a community race, with 650+ runners, so another clusterfuck up front. Heard major wipe out right behind me, sounded like dude hit the pavement hard. And all the kids sprinted like motherfuckers for the first 800. Then they all dropped off one at a time.

Felt very good through 2 (11:05). I just couldn't turn anything over after 4k (14:05). I tried like hell to close the gap on the teenager in front of me, and when I got close enough for him to hear me, he would just pick it up like he was on a friggen weekend long run tra la la jaunt.

Fun. I can go faster. I will.