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5 km


5:27 mi

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Back home from the hospital. Obviously in light of mom's situation, this all seems pretty trivial,'s a nice distraction, and she's on the mend now, so...

Heck of a race. 2OA, and lost by 1 second. He just ran a much smarter race than I did. I lead through 2 miles, then he briefly (like 10 seconds) took over, then as we went into the wind, he let me take the load, right behind me until just before the final turn the last half mile with the winds at our back. I tried to close that gap, and got with a second. Damn. The great thing though, was seeing that I was going to break 17 minutes. That alone was worth the pain of this one, which really got hard just before the 2 mile mark.

No watch, and no one giving split times (the girls at the mile markers seemed to just be tweeting each other or whatever). So no clue on splits, but it felt pretty even. Damn windy out there today, 15mph or something.

Was fun, and like I said, a good distraction from the hospital stuff.

What's next I wonder...



A little log stocking tonight but helluva run here. Congrats. Hope your mom is doing better and good wishes to your family.

Ntown Kevin

Thanks man. She's doing much better, out for walks every day now, and gets to start driving again tomorrow. I appreciate the thoughts.