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5 km


5:40 mi

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The plan was to have a "just run baby" experience to cap off the year of racing. I went with no watch. That was about the only successful part of the plan. I couldn't get out of my head the whole race. "This is too fast. This is too slow. This is too hard. Goddam it's cold. How the hell is the wind in our face in both directions? I hate time trials. Goddfriggendamn it's cold!!!" Was never really able to let go. To detach. To watch the race from outside myself. I've been able to do that on some tempo runs. But not today.

And yeah, I missed the 17:30 goal by a few seconds. No doubt on a 50 degree windless day I blow that away. But we can't pick the weather. That, plus I took a water from Kyle at the halfway. His cub scout den was manning the water station. No way I could have just run by. I didn't even drink it. But even getting it from him, hi-fiving him and Gillian...I guess that "cost" me 3-4 seconds, but c'mon. I would do that 10 times out of 10. He looked so darn happy.

Anyway, 2nd OA, PR by 9 seconds. I'll take it. Kind of excited for next year.

2013 will be year of the 5k (and mile). Gonna be a fast year.

MTA: looks like official results = 17:35



Saw this in the weekly thread. The highlight of a pretty bad day at Sugarloaf was taking a water from my daughter around mile 10.


When I ran my stroller 5K pr this summer I slowed down so my passenger son could grab a cup. That's what we do.