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2:51 PM

6.4 mi


5:59 mi


153 bpm
170 bpm
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USATF National Club XC Championship:

I raced exactly how I wanted. Got out hard and then settled into about 6 pace all on feel. Had teammate Mark Reeder come by around 3k and tried to stay with him but started to fade back around 6k and then had a BAA guy pass me and did same thing till about 8k. Alejandro Heuck from Springfield came up on me at about 8k and did not want him to get away. Stayed on him till 9k mark and then surged past him. Saw another sprigfield guy and did same thing. Then at 500 meter mark Alejandro went by me and we battled all the wat to finish i took him with about 80 meters to go amd then he got me with 30 meters to go. At that point i was all out.

The course ran very long so I ran the pace and effort I wanted just not the time.

Till next year.

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10 km

USATF Club National XC Race



Super race! Glad it was worth the trip.


Thanks Kieran!! Next year at Leigh and think USATFNE are getting buses.