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7:59 AM

5.6 mi


5:59 mi


167 bpm
189 bpm
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Put on the racing sneakers at 6:25 AM for a 8 am start race of First leg!! Chris Picked me up and we made our way to the start had time so pit stop at Mickey D's. Chris dropped me off and went to start of leg 2. Got to hang out inside and talk to a lot peeps have not see in awhile. Then headed out for a warm up with Peter.

Lined up second row and saw Joe O. from SRR and decided to stay with him and kept Joe Navas and Charlie Bemis in sight. Think about 2 miles Joe O. fell back and worked my way up to Joe and Charlie. I did not see any other Master and think was in top 10 of the race so just worked ti stay here. I do not have mile beeps on my watch but noticed the MCR 3 mile on road and thought ohh wow made it this far with these guys lets give it a go. Did not look at watch till 3.9 and then again at 4 miles and noticed it was about 24:10 and knew I had a good race going and felt strong. The next thought am I reallly going to pass Joe Navas, but then another guy came by me and passed me pretty hard and he looked like a master. So jumped on him and went by Charlie and Joe and never saw them again (they finished a few seconds behind me). He pulled away and then got to close the gap on a hill passing another SRR open runner. I was within striking distance and then the turn was coming into parking lot so ran out of real estate and he passed paton right in front of me as I handed it to Chris. So second master at this point and ran my best race in 4 years. Did not feel too beat-up either. Went off to find X's Car and drove the course cheering everyone which is better than running!! After X's run we headed to Mikeymike cheering out the window all the way down the rivah!! Mike got paton from Justin and headed to Lawtown and I got to drive an Ubber truck and was nervous pulling in the Pub driveway but all worked out. Hung out catching up with all folks and last stop at Tripoli's . Banner day!!!

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8 mi

Mill Cities start easy finish hard