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12:05 PM

10 mi


6:05 mi


35 F
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Never thought I would have ran this time. Just stayed with the group(E.J. and Hammond and others) for first 2 miles and we took it out hard. Then tried to stay strong on the uphill mile 3 and not push too much on the up. Every down I could find a down I would surge as much as I could. Then we hit the dirt road which was not as bad as last year, but still lot of slipping and single file. I did well on the dirt road, felt like XC and got past a bunch of people which meant going in the snowy part to get around. Hit 5 mile at 31 and just kept trying to pick off people. The last 3 miles was a slugfest with Dan Verrington. He kept taking the downs harder than me and I would even it up on the ups. Then the last down I just went as hard as I could and that seemed to keep enough space to the end. Shook hands at end and thanked him, there was no way I would have gotten in those last 3 in that time.

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Dude, miles 6, 7, & 8 look like a sub 18 5K. Nice run!


Thanks X. Just flat out racing at that point and wanting the pain to end!! Think last time looked at time was when saw clock at mile 5.


Really nice race, Shawn. You are fit!


Thanks Mike see if can keep it going till Boston


Nice work Dude!


Nice race!