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11:32 AM

3 mi


5:49 mi


153 bpm
171 bpm
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Running of the Bulls VII 3 mile race in Woburn,ma . This basically turned into a Shamrock run. I wanted a little revenge for Thursday not going under 18 and wanted to go same pace as sub 18. Drive with Chris and met up with EJ before heading to line. There are a few younger fast shammies now so figure have someone to chase. Decided last minute to blast out sub 5 pace see if anyone would like to go on the pain journey and no takers. then settled a little but kept trying to keep on the gas as much as i could. ended up being hard tempo with some short bursts to try to refocus the pace down. Think got lazy a few times and had that i am gotten lost feeling a few times. Still managed to get to some pain threshold and got a really good solo time for me for the 3 miles. Still think i am in sub 18 shape on a good day. next week will not run as hard at mill cities but still decent effort.

Had a blast at Lord Hobo (EJ's second home). EJ, Peggy, and Chris with guest appearance Emmett. Could have stayed all day but need to go pick someone up at South station

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3 mi

Running For the Bulls 3 mile



Conway for the win!


Thanks Kieran!! Hopefully see you next week.