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10:02 AM

15 km


6:16 mi


162 bpm
172 bpm


49 F
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Hit my goal of under 58:30!! And from what I can tell 10th in my age if I counted correctly. Got out in good shape and ran with Dan from Lowell for a few miles, not really working hard. Then separated a bit and just tried to keep same tempo over the rolling hills and go even easier up some of the bigger ones. Was pleased to see 5k split and tried to keep math thoughts at bay. middle not too bad for effort and at 10k knew was having a good race, but still Some concerned with 5k to go. Worked miles 8 and 9 as best as I could, but legs were very fatigued from the beatings on the hills so must have slowed. caught up to Wayne Levy from BAA and he was surging back and forth with me, but with .3 or so to go just dug in and got to line before him and behind many others!! Hope can get some speed work in before Joyce 10k in 4 weeks.