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10:02 AM

13.1 mi


6:25 mi


133 lb
156 bpm
170 bpm


35 F
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Well kinda did what I said but 5 seconds short!!!! got out hard and just tried to get into a rhythm, did hear about 6:13 for first mile and thought might be hot but went with it. first mile is fast there anyway, then we hit some icy\slush on and off through second mile. then pretty much zoning in on pace and was with a woman that has won this race 3 times and think she is in her 40's. she beat me last time i ran this race so just chilled with her for some miles until she started slowing around mile 5 and worked ahead. had another guy to exchange some back and back with up until mile 9, i skipped all water stops. mile 9 was a mess lots ice and slush, but then back on beach road all clear to the end. got passed by 2,3,4 female runners in the last 5k and really could not muster much to stay with them. i did do the split at mile 10 and saw 64 and thought i should be able to do sub 20 ohh well. still pretty psyched to have done this, first all out half in 3 years and first since event.

Hung with Mikeymike and D.A.P. at start and warmup who both had great races!!