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1:00 PM

5 km


5:39 mi


166 bpm
175 bpm


68 F
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Wow weird lot of emotion on this one. This is a 5k PR at age 48 after a heart attack and 3 stents and a balloon in the fucking heart. plus on beta blockers. it was perfect conditions and fast course but still not what I thought i would run. I have run 17:50 and 17:53 on this course so was hoping 17:58.

Race started out pretty well following Dunham through first mile as he guided to middle of the road to avoid traffic. Delaney passes me around mile 1 and i say 8 seconds which got a chuckle. around 1.5 mile decided to go by Dunham and latch onto Bemis for a little bit and noticed Delaney was still about 4 seconds ahead so figured stay right where i was. about 2.5 miles i think made my way past delaney had no wise comment this time since red lining pretty much and did a click at mile 3 and shocked to see it under 17. had no kick more of just dont fall type finish. Finished hand on knees huffing and puffing. Chris finished right after and went with him, William and Anne and got a ride back to the car. Fun day wish could have hung around after.