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10:32 AM

3 mi


5:58 mi


172 bpm
180 bpm


65 F
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Flat out racing!! Ran with X and Barbour. Was able to stay with Barbour most of the way which kept my head in the game. Barbour pulled away on last long down before we hit the grueling hill at end. Very competitive race and was third in my age group.



I'm reporting you to USATF. These are sick split times to be run on a trail. Great job man. You have to be ecstatic with these even splits.

I can't wait to log some good long runs (for as long as I can hang around) with you. We've got to figure out how to get your Greater Lowell buddies and the Shamrocks together for some good long training runs.


Thanks Andy!! Yeah the course is accurate from hearing the old timers and my watch lost gps in woods. But more importantly stayed competitive when had reason to cut back. very fun race and recommend it. You guys want to try a fells run one of these weekends?


I like the Fells. I think we'll get mixed participation from the Sat crew. That said, the Fells and other wooded routes are in the summer running plans.