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8:35 AM

2.5 mi


6:04 mi


161 bpm
176 bpm
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2.5 mile race in LynnWoods - was going to do the 5k xc race but it was delayed after we warmed up and would have to had waited till 9:30 or so. So David Dunham asked if anyone would like to race in Lynn Woods instead, so Pawlicki and I went and race with David. Jim picked out the old lynn woods relay course which is 2.5 miles. We went out hard but it felt easy and i was feeling pretty good running right behind Jim and Dave behind me at mile 1. wE turned on a technical narrow goat path and postions stayed the same all the way to the top and then on down Dave went by memand they started gapping me a bit. I tried to press down but was falling back then we hit the road and i think i made up some ground but race was over and was Pawlicki 14:52, Dunham 14:53, and me 15:07. I was pretty psyched and able ot hang for so long int he race. may bode well if i have enough strength for nationals.


Ntown Kevin

That sounds really cool. Racing friends on a perfect Xc day -awesome