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8:41 AM

42.4 mi


15:11 mi


122 bpm
158 bpm
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Smashed quads up on the hills, lots of work to be done there.

Thoroughly enjoyed it though.

Will be back for more



Simply awesome. Massive achievement - but I feel there is going to be a lot more to come !! Well done buddy.


Yes I was perhaps a little foolish in entering so early, but I do love a goal so this was it.

I only wanted to finish.

My quads were pretty badly smashed up by the time I got to the canal so the last 20 weren't exactly fun but it's shown me where I need work.

Tried to do it all 'within' myself and not run too hard and I think that strategy worked, it got me to the end for sure.

Ho hum, onwards and upwards.

Looking to do the Centurion 50 Slam next year (2022)