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9:00 AM

6.3 mi


6:45 mi

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Spectacular failure.

It was hot (73F) and humid (94%). I guess I was ahead of myself with the plan. I planned to run 635 for first 2 miles and 10 seconds faster every 2 miles. The plan is too aggressive. I don't think I am there yet. I ran 10 miles yesterday and my leg was still a little stiff. In addition, I have the gnawing hip pain all along.

The ill-conceived plan was badly executed.

I knew that I don't have good awareness of my effort and pace, so I kept an eye on my watch. It was always in 6:1x in the beginning of every mile then I tried to slowdown. I guess I wasted energies in adjusting to my planned pace. This continues until mile 2.5 and I realized that I cannot keep my planned pace.

Another contribution factor is hill. I ran badly on hills and when I saw the small bump at mile 2.5, I felt helpless. The rest of face I was just pulled along and not paying attention to my pace.

I don't think I have failed in so many aspects in previous races and I am really upset. This is also the first race where I did not PR.

100 pushups and 100 situps


1. How should I train myself to be more aware of the effort/pace? I tried to tag along with my teammates in intervals and tempos so I have relatively smoother pace, but I need to develop the feeling for my own pace. I tends to run too fast in the beginning and adjusting my pace diverts my attention and takes away my energy.

2. I am impatient with my improvement and I tends to have unrealistic goals. I don't think I had significant progress this year, despite consistent training.