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8:30 AM

14.2 mi


8:00 mi

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5M Race in Central Park. While the splits are less positive, the result is still disappointing.

Some excuses: pain on the left hamstring and both ankles.

I thought I did OK for the first 2 mile, but I don't know what happened and I could not keep 3rd mile around 625, I guess I did not pay enough attention to my watch. I did not find my 635 pace until I finished the race.

I pushed pretty hard on mile 4. I think this is pretty good push for me. I guess that exhausted all my reserve, leaving almost nothing for mile 5.

Mile 5, I thought I can keep my running form, but I don't have enough energy for the last 200M anymore and completely surrendered.

I meant to cool down by 1 or 2 miles, but then my wife and kids joined me in Central Park. I ran while they rode bike. I ended up running about 15 miles on Saturday.