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8:02 AM

13.1 mi


6:43 mi


160 lb
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Sigh! Stupid Race.

Lessons learned:

1. I am still weak on slopes: much slower pace on Harlem Hill, 6:57 and 7:08 and my legs feel like noodle after hills. This may be attributed to weight (still 163lb) and lack of road training. Since Dec, 2014, I was trying to go home early to check Anderson's homework so I skipped club training. Not running on the road and 0 training on hills.

2. Last coffee is the morning before races. Having a coffee on Saturday night, so did not sleep before the race. I don't feel nervous or excited, just could NOT sleep. Not sure how much impact this is on face, but definitely not good.

This is also caused the mess next morning, almost forgot my racing shoes and missed the train. Definitely NOT good.

3. Need to get there earlier. I had better races when I have time to the pre-race warm-ups. I did not get the chance to do so.

4. Felt the need to go to rest room (bowel movement) at mile 10. Although I hold it, the feeling is not good. Need to figure out how not to do this. I guess this is related to the night before: I was hungry when I could not sleep so I ate too much.

5. Looks like I put too much effort in the beginning and lost pace at mile 11? I remembered that my legs felt weak.


1. Weight, weight, weight. I think that is still the easiest way to speed up. This is my biggest problem. I HATE MYSELF FOR EATING TOO MUCH!!!

2. Return to club training, at least on Thursdays. Need to follow instructions closely on Tuesdays, too.

3. Hill repeats. Need to return to the route to White Plains at night.

4. Better planning on races. Need more thinking. For the last 2 races, 15k and half, I need to poop during the race, very very bad!

Overall, a failure.