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13.1 mi


5:50 mi



5:54 (1), 5:39 (2), 6:08 (3), 5:55 (4), 11:11 (5, 6), 5:44 (7), 5:44 (8), 5:49 (9), 5:55 (10), 11:07(11,12), 7:12 (13.1)

The weather turned out slightly better than planned. It was very humid, but the clouds blocked out the sun. Some wind--the worst was running into it almost all of mile 10. I did end up with a dehydration headache after, so I know I lost a lot of water. I did get a drink at almost every water station.

I'm not sure I trust the mile markers on the course. I mean, did I really go from 5:55s at miles 4 and 10 to low to mid-5:30s for the next two following miles. And 7:12 for the last 1.1? It was up a pretty big hill, but that does seem kind of slow.

Speaking of hills, the course was what I would call a rolling course.

No one showed up. They started the half and 5k at the same time. By the time we got to the 5k turn around, everyone ahead of me turned around, and I ended up trying to chase the biker the rest of the way and worried about whether someone was going to run me down.

Finally, I think things are heading in the right direction. This is a good sign for the marathon.