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4:11:48 mi


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Leo Schnur Open: Last chance meet @ La Crosse.

This is one my favorite races. It was 10 days before the steeple at Nationals, and I was just going to run this 1500 and some of the 5K for a good workout. The plan was to take it somewhat easy for the first 800m, float the next 100m to gather strength for a big push, then give it the last 600m. And I did exactly that. The last 600m I was just chasing the leaders to see if I could catch them, and I almost did. I was happy for the PR, but I was even more happy when I got the split of the last 600m: 1:29. Considering my PR in the 800 was/is 1:59, I was very pleased.

After that, I ran the first 1 1/2 miles of the 5000m in trainers at 4:48 pace to try to get the other steeplers on our team to a 15:00 5k. I knew I was in good shape, and I knew that I had a very good chance to win the steeple.