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5:33 mi


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A bunch of things about the race:

1. First 5K since Feb. '06. Kind of disappointing.

2. Nobody was giving splits and I wasn't wearing a watch--had no idea how fast (or slow) I was going. 5:33s are not exactly what I've been doing in workouts, but I have been doing the workouts on the track.

3. Got caught in No-Man's land. Need to get back into the racing frame of mind and know how hard I can push without going over the edge. That will come, eventually.

4. Need to remember that I'm not really training for these shorter races--don't have the type of speed needed for a good 5K.

5. Remember what Zup said about getting back into shape. I'm going to lose to guys that I might normally have pounded on before. It will comeback.

6. Positive: If I keep up this training without injuries, I'll be under sixteen next year.