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4 mi


5:42 mi

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Reid (Tempo)


3 mile warm up, 4 mile tempo, 3 mile cool down

$*@!#& watch! That's the last time I wear the Nike watch for a workout. I'm going back to the old Ironman--the one with the buttons I've memorized. But on to the workout...

I made a concerted effort to run slower for the first mile...and I did it. 5:54 for the first mile. First lap: 9:58. A middle mile somewhere in there of 5:45. Second lap: 9:44. Total 19:42. Then I pressed the wrong button and didn't get the last piece of the run. It's just a bit over a half mile and it probably took 3 minutes at the most. Despite being ticked that I pressed the wrong button, overall things went a lot smoother this time around. Next week I'll be sure to wear the right watch.

Opposite of last week, the cooldown was much easier. I guess that's what happens when you run the workout the right way.

Low 60s, windy and sprinkling for the first part, cloudy. The wind died some and the rain stopped somewhere in the middle of the run.