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13.1 mi


6:07 mi


157.5 lb


Cheesehead Half Marathon

Finally broke 1:20. I have no idea about splits because I didn't wear a watch and there were no clocks out there.

It was a flat course and we were running into headwinds for the first six miles. I took it very easy for that first six just following the leader that had separated to about 100m at the farthest. For a bunch of the first six, I felt like I was just doing an easy run, but I knew I'd crank it up at our turn around when we be running with the wind.

At seven, I went after him and went by him. Honestly, he must have collapsed (not literally, I think) because I never saw him finish, and I watched the next bunch of finishers after me. Anyway, between seven and ten I went pretty hard. After that, I just tried to maintain a decent pace because I knew I had a decent lead. I crossed the finish line, and I didn't feel like dying. In fact, I felt just fine after I exited the short chute. I guess I could have worked harder in the first six miles.

I'm still not sure what I should expect for the marathon.