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2013 Rim-Rim-Rim Grand Canyon Double Crossing
Name: Adam Condit
Profession: Engineer
Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa
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About me: 
La Crosse Central High School - Class of 2001 University of Wisconsin Eau Claire - Class of 2005 Univeristy of Wisconsin Madison - MS in 2007 I currently live back in the Midwest in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and run anything from 5k to marathon. I am a USATF Certified Level 1 Coach and run the website - distance running blog, news, social media, and personal online coaching.
Why do I run: 
Some people think working out and running lets them escape from the "real" world. I feel as though when I run I get to escape the stressful hyperactive world and finally enjoy the beautiful and awe inspiring real world God created. It is something that feels right and true to what God desires from all of us - discipline, hard work, desire, and enjoying the fruits of our labor. On a very basic level - I feel like myself when I run.
Why I started running: 
I started running in middle school to be in a sport my friends were in. At the time bike racing and soccer were my sports of choice, but soccer wasn't offered in middle school and I was a loner when it came to riding the bike. I remember being incredibly sore after my first run in 8th grade - had to walk down the stairs backwards. I really have no idea why I ended up going on second run.