Personal Records for Run

Your personal records, often referred to as "PRs", consist of your best time for races of a given distance. Below is the list of your PRs automatically generated from the race results you entered.

1.01 mi6:59.846:56Houston8/30/2015View Race
1.06 mi6:40.426:18Track7/19/2014View Race
1.84 mi13:137:11Hagerstown Duathlon4/12/2014View Race
3.02 mi23:03.967:39Run Houston 5K1/1/2017View Race
3.07 mi24:06.297:52Southern Star Brewery 5K8/5/2017View Race
3.10 mi21:276:56Scope it Out 5K3/23/2014View Race
3.15 mi21:286:49St. Michaels Running Festival5/18/2013View Race
3.18 mi22:587:14Cody's Crew 5K9/30/2012View Race
3.24 mi24:08.127:27Cruisin' Crusaders 5K3/23/2019View Race
3.90 mi29:56.777:41Du the Polar Bear Duathlon2/28/2016View Race
4.02 mi30:27.437:35Memorial Park4/4/2015View Race
4.13 mi33:23.668:06TIR4/3/2016View Race
4.95 mi34:49.057:03Run! Geek! Run! 8K11/16/2013View Race
5.06 mi35:05.916:57Navy 5 miler9/14/2013View Race
5.07 mi35:41.197:03Jingle All The Way 8K12/8/2013View Race
5.13 mi35:19.296:54St. Patrick's Day 8K3/9/2014View Race
5.82 mi50:15.348:39TIR4/3/2016View Race
5.98 mi48:16.388:05Gleannloch Farms 10K5/27/2019View Race
6.15 mi50:47.638:16Crofton, MD6/13/2015View Race
6.24 mi43:166:57Pikes Peek 10K (Rockville, MD)4/21/2013View Race
6.25 mi44:06.487:04Veterans Day 10k (Hains Point)11/10/2013View Race
6.38 mi52:53.988:18TIR4/2/2016View Race
8.06 mi1:54:46.3914:15Coyote Trail Run4/17/2021View Race
9.30 mi1:15:21.118:07Quiet Waters Park, Annapolis12/14/2014View Race
9.48 mi1:16:12.758:03Cherry Blossom 10 miler4/12/2015View Race
10.07 mi1:17:45.847:44Cherry Pit 10 Miler4/6/2014View Race
10.51 mi1:27:23.858:19Texas 10 Huntsville9/27/2015View Race
12.33 mi2:55:18.5014:14Habanero Hundred 20K8/19/2017View Race
12.60 mi4:30:0021:26Brazos Bend 10012/7/2019View Race
12.80 mi2:06:26.119:53San Felipe Half3/20/2021View Race
13.07 mi2:31:38.6711:37Runoff Runoff Half Marathon6/5/2021View Race
Half Marathon1:50:02.858:25Katy Half Marathon2/11/2017View Race
13.18 mi1:48:43.428:15Vintage Park Half4/14/2019View Race
13.20 mi1:47:55.238:11Houston Half Marathon1/14/2018View Race
13.28 mi1:40:00.377:32Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon4/6/2013View Race
13.41 mi1:55:36.558:38Houston Half Marathon1/20/2019View Race
13.46 mi2:31:13.5711:15The Trailway Half Marathon10/9/2020View Race
20.00 mi3:41:16.7511:04Piney Woods1/27/2018View Race
25.57 mi3:42:31.458:43The Woodlands Marathon3/4/2017View Race
25.88 mi3:53:08.259:01Mississippi Gulf Coast Marathon12/10/2017View Race
Marathon3:56:20.559:02Houston Marathon1/17/2016View Race
26.29 mi3:33:58.818:09Mohawk Hudson River Marathon10/13/2013View Race
26.34 mi4:00:08.669:08The Woodlands Marathon3/3/2018View Race
26.38 mi3:46:32.308:36Glass City Marathon4/28/2019View Race
26.42 mi4:05:44.839:19NYC Marathon11/1/2015View Race
26.48 mi4:05:23.169:17OKC Marathon4/30/2017View Race
26.53 mi4:10:47.559:28Boston Marathon4/16/2018View Race
26.60 mi4:01:16.329:05Boston Marathon10/11/2021View Race
30.00 mi6:00:0012:00Endless Summer 6 hour7/25/2015View Race
31.10 mi5:29:28.3810:36Bravos Bend 50K4/16/2016View Race
35.80 mi6:00:13.2810:04Endless Summer 6 hour7/27/2013View Race
40.42 mi8:39:59.3612:52Brazos Bend 10012/7/2019View Race
47.17 mi12:58:16.6816:30Brazos Bend 10012/7/2019View Race
50.30 mi9:56:41.5011:52JFK 50 miler11/23/2013View Race
96.10 mi25:11:13.0415:44Brazos Bend 100 - dropped at 9612/8/2018View Race