Whitin Trail Runner (#2 Blue) (active)

Equipment Info
Activity: Run
Shoe size: 45.00 (Europe)
Total distance: 140.9 mi
Purchase date: 2/25/2019
Price: $31.99
Notes: I was intrigued when I saw these, mostly by the price, but I had been thinking I need another pair of trail shoes, since I've been using the V-Trails so much in this snow and ice. Toes have very little separation; I could probably wear conventional socks, but I plan to continue wearing Injinjis. The soles are thick and aggressive, yet flexible. The uppers are a good deal heavier than Vibrams. There's a cushioned insole, too. All in all, that makes the shoe weigh close to 12 ounces each. Might be a wee bit short on the right little toe. Listed as US size 12 on Amazon, marked as EU 45. I do like the build and the feel of them, including on ice and snow.
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