Wobblebottom's profile   

Gender: Female
Current Weight: 75 kg
Goal Weight: 65 kg
Location: England
About me: 
Currently tring to recover from injuries, but can't leave this site as I have too many friends that I care about here! Biking and swimming to keep myself fit. Who knows, one day I may run again.
Why do I run: 
At first I ran because it helped me to feel really proud of myself, loose weight and importantly kept me fit. I have had to stop due to SacroIliitis which is a real bummer, but now I can still use the site to log swimming and biking when I get over my painful stage.
Why I started running: 
To stay healthy, and to keep my weight down. Unfortunately I am not one of the lucky ones that can run and then eat anything, I still have to watch everything I fuel up with. If I stop running I start growing. I also love the feeling that I can run, its a personal achievement of which I am very proud.