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8:00 AM

14 mi


6:52 mi


153 lb


30 F


5 / 10
4 / 10


Up in the Twin Cities for a flight later today. Ean and Ashley were doing a 1/2 marathon so I decided to join them (my first bandit race!). Ean and I started easy and hung around the 1:35 group. After some loop, we got on the out and back portion and started catching the 1:30 group (probably went too hard to catch them but the wind was at our back..). Stayed with the 1:30 group until 7 miles; new experience running with a pace group, it was kind of like groups at Luther Running Camps: the leader is more like a babysitter trying to get everyone to run the same pace all while some people are chatting, others are drafting, others pissed off about the pace/running tangents/other crap.

So a little after halfway Ean and I split from the group, also about the time we turned around into the wind. I tried to get Ean to draft off me as I knew I could handle it (and others were taking advantage and drafting off us), but he was feeling good and we were passing people. Somewhere around 10miles I took a hill probably too hard and Ean started to fade after that. I stuck with him and he finished just over 1:29 (new PR).

This was an interesting run, sometimes it felt like a normal long run, other times I really felt like I was racing. I was sore a few days later, though not in the normal hard race areas. I'll blame the long out and back (I'm used to more turns and not running the same slant for miles).

*See Ean's log for splits