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6:30 PM

6 mi


7:00 mi


45 F


4 / 10
4 / 10
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Cedar Rapids


A long day of waiting before the race. The meet was slow (not unexpected as an influx of teams were fleeing the north). The great part was that Brittney was working the meet and gave us updates. It's still crazy that we didn't leave Drew's house until literally the event before the 5ks started (the 200, which took 45min, then 2 heats of women's 5k). We got some crap arriving after the final call for 5ks, but also silly that the final call was an hour plus before our race.

WU: 2 with Drew, neither of us feeling great. But it was similar to last week's warm-up weak feeling so I at least was confident I'd feel better in the race.

CD: Would have been fun to just chat with Steve and be done, but we did a lot of laps on the inside of the track during the 4x4's (should have gone out more). Pretty quick cool-down, which was unusual for being with Drew.