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4:30 PM

8 mi


7:23 mi


160 lb


100 F


6 / 10
4 / 10
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Aurora, CO


Trail Run Project gave me this route. It was supposed to be a long stretch of uninterrupted gravel not far from my hotel. And it was. I just imagined it would be shady considering it ran between houses and there were a lot of trees nearby. Somehow it only shaded maybe 20%. So probably should have had a bit more sun protection (especially when every highway sign I see says "OZONE ALERT").

In any case, it only took me a 1/4 mile before leaving the path to find some designated singletrack between houses like an alley. The E/W path didn't help with the sun, so I tried the N/S one (parallel to my original path). This didn't last very long and soon I was wondering how to get back to my original path.

I started heading East and found a high school, so I stopped at a Kybo without tp. Somehow I made it through this campus despite half of it being blocked off for construction. Still, despite confusing a few random students, it was the right decision as I found my original route again. Even odder, according to the mile markers, I had traveled the same distance. Apparently, that path took a few detours as well.

I got to the 4 mile mark, did a few form drills, then hit a solid pace on the return trip. It did feel smooth and natural, but my heart rate was skyrocketing. Tired towards the end but good run.