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7:00 AM

20 km


5:53 mi


156 lb


60 F


6 / 10
7 / 10
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Dam to Dam


Kris wanted to start faster and I had already agreed to join Craig (also was very unsure of my ability). Started out at 6:03 which was slightly faster than planned, but we still settled into a pace slightly under 6:00. Big downhill 1mile in was not pleasant as I just wanted to limit the pounding and not to go too fast. Miles 2-4 I was pretty unsure of how I felt, also thought at times that Craig was miserable, but then he would start chatting with me or others. At around 10k (36:45, faster than 2 weeks ago) I realized I was feeling good. Craig and I had expanded our group and we started to pass others, especially on the uphills, which weren't too big. Left group at around 15k right at a downhill which made my accelleration ridiculously fast. Passed probably 8 people right away then set my sites on a group of 3. Unfortunatly the group dissolved before I caught them; ended up passing 2 and then just matching the 3rd until the end. Chip time of 1:12:58, so 36:13 last 10k, maybe 17:45 last 5k. 26th overall with 2 females ahead of me. Surprisingly got 4th in age group. It was the 25-30 age group that was just crazy deep, guess I'll be in that group soon. Overall very happy with performance, aerobically in good shape and legs met the challenge; stomach had some problems at the end, but nothing of note. Making me think I could pr in a 1/2 marathon soon.