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4:00 PM

9 mi


6:34 mi


160 lb


60 F


6 / 10
7 / 10
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Grand Marais


Found the time and desire to do a road workout. And after a longer trail run yesterday, Rebel seemed happy (or at least willing) to join me. We headed up the bike path until it flattened out, which ended up being longer than expected, nearly a mile.

Started the 1st rep on a slight downhill and got going quick, but slowed down (almost irreversibly it felt). The 2nd piece (more uphill in my opinion) felt better. Maybe it was partly because Rebel backed off and I pulled away, but running slightly uphill just feels better (I've had these thoughts before, my theory is due to my feet landing more midfoot on an incline, or maybe just the quicker cadence). In any case, I'm sure by race day, downhill be start feeling preferred. Anyway, the 2nd rep was faster.

3rd was not faster as my legs just felt like they were flailing. But my hope in a final repeat back up would feel better turned out true. Fastest rep, by the way, the last 3 were about 5:20 pace. So a good day of faster than race pace while feeling slightly tired from yesterday.