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11:00 AM

10 mi


6:54 mi


50 F


5 / 10
5 / 10
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Sac & Fox


In Cedar Rapids for a few runs with Drew, and wow, I misjudged what I needed to wear today. I was misled by the wind and the sun did come out a bit more during the run, but this still has to be the first run in a long time that I can remember actually ditching my pullover/outerwear and just running in a t-shirt the rest of the way.

Legs were tired, but the run went by quickly. Or I thought it did as we went by 4 miles and figured 10 miles on the day would be fine. Mostly felt better as the run went on and nice to get some soft surface even with the random wet and bumpy spots.

After a minute of debate, 6 strides afterward.