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12:00 PM

10 mi


6:33 mi


5 F


7 / 10
5 / 10


It's getting colder out, but this was the day to do a workout as the snow and cold are (in theory) coming hard tomorrow.

Drew and I started from his work and went straight to the bike path. We detoured over a 1/2 mile just to run into the wind a little more before turning around and starting the tempo.

The 1st mile was right at 6min as we tried to find our pace. We settled into <5:50's for the next 2 miles (each with their own slowdown due to street crossing and 180degree turn, respectively). The 4th mile was under 5:40 as we were a little more consistent and maybe pushing harder as we hit some slight uphills and were back into the wind. We hadn't planned out the workout, just that we'd see how long tempo felt fine. But once we got to 4, I didn't really want to do exactly the same workout as last week.

So I made us do 3 ~45sec hill sprints. These must have been steeper than anticipated because we were both getting the numb legs feeling pretty early. Probably the deadest my legs have felt in a while.

The idea was do finish with some fast&relaxed, but there wasn't much "relaxed" left in the legs. 1 30sec clip that wasn't as slow as I assumed and then the cool-down. Much better workout than the last time we tried one together.