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11:00 AM

10 mi


7:18 mi


155 lb


15 F


6 / 10
4 / 10


After many combo workouts starting with tempo or repeats and ending with hills or sprints, I decided to mix different paces a bit more and alternate longer intervals with hills. The problem is, with Saylorville under feet of snow, there are not many options for long flat stretches next to hills. I remembered a hill in the middle of town but of course, it was much smaller than I remembered (40sec repeats, probably 25sec were a very slight incline).

The flat stretch wasn't much better, it was snow/ice covered and not even a 1/2 mile. It would have been ideal to lengthen that part and shorten my recovery after the hill, but snow and sharp turns prevented that.

I did 4 repeats. The half miles were about 5:30 pace and the hills were faster, but not really a day that pace mattered. I could have done a few more repeats but the slipping scared me a little when my groin started acting up.