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4:00 PM

10 mi


6:48 mi


155 lb


20 F


7 / 10
5 / 10
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High Trestle


Damn treadmill, I always seem to have some pains the next day. Too much repetition of the exact same stride. This time it got my hip flexors.

Despite hurting all day, they felt alright during the run. And I was definitely doing a workout as another 5-8 inches of snow is coming tonight. I started with a pickup mile to get the legs moving. Not quite tempo. I could blame some slippery conditions but also just not feeling it.

Next up was 5 1/2 mile repeats. A little faster than 5:30 pace so basically a prologue. I started on the bike path but then the high school girl's track members started a workout there too. So I ditched that spot but still did alright finding snowless paths. Finished with 5 x 30sec at mile pace.

I was constantly wondering whether I should head to a bathroom or not but never did. Maybe should have stayed closer to one than I did though.