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8:00 AM

5 km


5:19 mi


156 lb


40 F


6 / 10
5 / 10
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The sun was out enough to keep me warm and there was no wind - really, this may have been some of the best running conditions I've ever run in (in general, I still enjoy my rain).

Though the weather was at its best, competition did not really make it a race for me (not to mention the 0 spectators). There were no high schoolers or weekend warriors to bolt from the start. One guy was ahead of me for 300m but he knew he wasn't supposed to be there since he kept looking back at me and then slowing down. I passed him then just kept the lead. Pretty even splits of 5:18 and 10:40. Felt great the first mile, 2nd mile was lots of downhill and didn't enjoy that. The last mile I wasn't too interested in pushing myself, but I guess I maintained pretty well. Ended up winning by 2 minutes. Still not sure what I think about road races and times. Hard to compare to track races when I felt like I could run that 5k pace or faster for a 10k. Not sure if I'll run a 5k next week or not.