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9:00 AM

11 mi


6:58 mi


40 F


6 / 10
5 / 10
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High Trestle


Hard to find a good day to do a workout. Every day is filled with too much food and booze. I was thinking about forcing it today but thankfully I felt good enough. There was rain, but not too cold. There was wind, so I just warmed-up for 4 miles into it.

I started again with tempo and just went by feel for a mile (no looking at watch). And that got me a 6:20... I made sure to pick it up for a mile, to a 6:05. C'mon! At least I wasn't tired and picked it up just enough to get a 3rd mile under 6. I thought the wind at my back would at least propel me to an artificially fast time, but there's just no speed in my legs.

4 x 1min hills (good) then 2 x 2min (good, just into the wind and slow) to finish off the day.